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Shoshana and Perez Weiss The young brave entrepreneurs.
Shoshana and Perez Weiss
The young brave entrepreneurs.
The starting point of the Weiss company at this house.
The original location of P.Weiss -33 Jerusalem st., Ramat-Gan .
Arie Weiss (the son): The company managing director.
Mr.Arie Weiss (son):
CEO & Owner
Irit Weiss (the daughter): Stock sales manager.
Ms. Irit Weiss (daughter):
Operations manager. 

About Us

The P.Weiss Group is a family company.
The company was established in 1939, by Perez and Shoshana Weiss and it is one of Israel’s leading groups in the import, marketing and service of Batteries and Electro-Mechanical Components like Enclosures, Switches & Thermal Solutions.
Our company is an exclusive Israeli agent of leading American, Swiss, German & British manufacturers.

The main advantages of the group are its eight decades of experience, knowledge and deep understanding of the products and the Israeli market.

The vision of the group is to provide its customers with the best consultation and service, starting from the early developing stages of the product, throughout the production and marketing, until the final sale and after sale support.
The group is focused in the following technological areas:

  1. Energy Sources – batteries, Battery holders and accessories.
  2. Enclosures – plastic and metal. Standard and customized.
  3. Switching – switches, breakers, touch-panels and relays.
  4. Thermal Management – fans and blowers.
  5. Pumps



The P.Weiss Group is a family company, for three generations now.

The company has been operating continuously, from the same location – 33 Jerusalem st., Ramat-Gan, for almost 70 years.

In 2005, the company moved from its historical location in Ramat-Gan and relocated in the industrial area of Kfar-Saba, in a new and modern facility with 500 sqm offices and large warehouse.

in 2019 year, P.Weiss will celebrate its 80th anniversary of continuous success and constantly growing activity.

In the early days, the business was actually a small store for distribution and selling electrical equipment, Later on, with Arie and Irit, the second generation joining the business, the company

expanded its activities and specialized in the Electro-Mechanical fields.





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